Office of Student Affairs

NCTU Student Associations and Clubs

Recreational clubs

FireDance Club The main purpose of this club is to promote fire dance related exchanges on campus and provide an accurate understanding of fire dance performances and safety-related issues. The club also provides education and raises the interest in fire dance to popularize this dance form.
Go Club In view of the popularity of the comic book series “Hikaru no Go” and the outstanding performance of Taiwanese Go players such as Jun-Xun Zhou on the international stage, Go is enjoying a growing popularity in Taiwan. The NCTU Go club is committed to promoting Go and creating an atmosphere conducive to the game on the NCTU campus.
Mountain Climbing Club The main purpose of this club is to promote meaningful leisure activities, help members build a strong physique, increase the understanding of mountain climbing, and further a spirit of solidarity, mutual aid, and friendly affection between club members.
Chinese Chess Club NCTU has a large number of chess fans. The Chinese chess club was established by a large number of like-minded friends to facilitate the promotion of this wonderful activity. Members have an opportunity to hone their chess skills and build and expand relationships.
Yoga Club The club aims to popularize Yoga among faculty and students and foster correct concepts of physical exercise to reduce the incidence of injuries. In addition, Yoga helps release stress and relaxes the body and mind.
Pop Dance Club The club popularizes modern popular dance forms and offers students a meaningful leisure activity to enable them to strengthen their physique. It also provides students with a platform for interactions and broadening of horizons so they can learn from each other through interactions and constantly refine their skills.
Bridge Club This club improves the logical reasoning skills of its members and the chemistry between partners. The club popularizes this meaningful leisure activity and actively participates in various off-campus bridge contests on a regular basis.
Magic Club The club provides a platform for the sharing and learning of magic tricks.
Baton Twirling Club Art is an expression of life, while movement is the only expression of life. We subscribe to the concept of movement as an art form.
Music Game Club The club is based on popular interest and gathers students who have a strong interest in music games and are dedicated to the jointly created platform.
Makeup Club This club is dedicated to teaching male and female NCTU students basic make-up and beauty care skills and techniques to increase their self-confidence and make them more attractive.
Ballroom Dance Club The club offers students who are passionate about dancing with a learning platform for ballroom dancing and provides an ideal environment for practice and instruction to achieve the standard required for the participation in performances and competitions.
Flamenco Club The club provides an environment for NCTU students who want to learn Flamenco and get a better understanding of Spanish culture. The club organizes activities in cooperation with on- and off-campus dance clubs with the purpose of meeting other dance enthusiasts and facilitating positive interactions between NCTU students and students of other universities.
Folk Dance Club The club focuses on a large variety of dance forms. Hongyun is your ideal choice no matter whether you just want to move your body, turn into a stage celebrity, learn more about different cultures, or just have fun with other students.

Science & Art clubs

Club name Main purpose and goals
Fine ArtsClub The club focuses on the promotion of an artistic atmosphere on campus as well as temperament molding and mental refinement. It aims to provide art lovers with a new home.
Photo Club This club allows members to share their most beautiful images and grab their cameras to search for the perfect shot and jointly explore their beautiful environment.
Debate Club The main purpose of this club is to promote debate activities and an atmosphere of dialectic thinking, further a humanistic spirit, and arouse concern for real social issues.
Animation Club The club provides a platform for free exchanges and interactions for students who have a strong interest in activities related to animation, comics, and games (below referred to as ACG).
Ceramic Club Pottery can be seen everywhere, but very few people have created pottery with their own hands. We hope to provide a creative space to expose even more people to the beauty of pottery.
JindanClub The club passes on traditional Taoist philosophy, researches Dandao Culture and thereby pursues physical health and inner happiness.
CakeClub Making desserts with your own hands is the simplest form of happiness. The club teaches its members who display an interest in classic French desserts how to make tasty hand-made desserts by following simple and easy to understand steps and techniques.
Comic Club The comic club focuses on comic drawing skills and an exchange of insights into animation. Club members have an opportunity to meet new friends who share their interests.
Sign Language Club Deaf people communicate through sign language which is a silent and graceful language which involves lively and vivid gestures. Join the sign language club to learn the natural sign language of Taiwan and appreciate the beauty of this visual language.
BLG club The club embraces a philosophy of bringing happiness to the other gender and minorities and is committed to taking concrete action to promote gender equality on campus and establish a safe and harmonious platform for gay dating.
Faith Hope Love Club This is an assembly of believers with pure faith from different denominations. Club members have made a sincere commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and caring for and supporting each other inside the community.
Chan Club The Chan Club passes on a spirit of humility, compassion, and enlightenment to bestow the virtues of purity, benevolence, and perfection on believers. The club is firmly committed to train the next generation of believers and enable each of them to do meritorious and virtuous deeds, to spread the truth, and pass on the love to future generations.
Falun Dafa Club This club provides members with an environment for the study of Falun Dafa and learning by interaction. The club aims to tell the world about the beauty of Falun Dafa as well as dedicate themselves to practicing it.
Nature Club The club allows busy members of the NCTU community to approach nature and experience the mysteries of life and the ecological environment.
MotorClub The club provides education on safe scooter riding and correct defensive riding concepts and gives students a better understanding of relevant laws and regulations and right-of-way concepts. It has established a platform for discussions of scooter-related issues by faculty and students and aims to maximize their benefits.
POP Club POP was known that teach how to make a pretty post in a quick way. Recently, POP decides to change the way. Instead, we invite everyone who wants to illustrate, design, and create. With the skill we have, we redefine what art is, we can draw with simple tool which you can get easily. It is time to show your imagination down the paper.
CoffeeCeremonyClub Coffee Ceremony Club mainly focuses on Specialty Coffee-while Expresso subsidiary. From introduction of the place of origin, manufacture, roast, to extraction, the club provides systematic knowledge to help members establish the foundation of coffeeology. Besides, we also combine coffeeology with history and culture of coffee, so that members can experience the essence and beauty of coffee thoroughly.

Social service clubs

Club name Main purpose and goals
U U Club The club embraces a spirit of “Extending the respect and care for one’s own aged parents to other seniors and treating other people’s children like one’s own” in its provision of services for the general public.
Rover Scout The club cultivates healthy and useful citizens through outdoor training. The club balances the lives of students through skill-building and recreational outdoor activities and field studies. Club members actively participate in university and social service activities and make contributions to society to the best of their ability.
Wan-WanClub The club uses humanitarian methods to safeguard the safety of the NCTU campus and solve the stray dog problem on campus.
Jiren Club The club embraces a spirit of “treating others as you want to be treated” in its organization of camp, tutoring, and other activities with the goal of giving happiness and care to students who need help through the provision of assistance.
CultureService Club The club is dedicated to showing concern for other people outside the classroom and making contributions to society. The club practices humanistic concern in a spirit of sincere love and provides grassroots services through real action.
Tzu Chi YouthClub The club embraces the Buddhist spirit of love, compassion, joy, and detachment in an effort to cultivate our youth and uncover their innate knowledge and abilities.
Campus Crusade for Christ Disciples are recruited in all departments and assistance is provided for the accomplishment of the great mission of the university through the power of prayers and the holy spirit to glorify God.
Aboriginal Culture Service Club The club aims to build a bridge between aboriginals and inhabitants of the plains and facilitate mutual communication and interactions.

Sports clubs

Girls’ Table Tennis Club The club aims to expose female students to table tennis in a relaxed and fun manner to enhance the understanding of table tennis and create an atmosphere conducive to the sport.
Badminton Club 1. This club welcomes all students and faculty, propagates the benefits of badminton, and popularizes the sport among the general public.

2. The club cooperates with the NCTU badminton varsity team in the organization and participation in various major and minor tournaments.

Archery Club The club promotes archery on campus and provides NCTU students with a meaningful and healthy free-time activity. By practicing archery, students are able to strengthen their physique, attain mental stability, and boost physical and mental cultivation.
Chinese Martial Arts Club The club teaches and promotes Chinese Martial Arts to form an upright character, strengthen body and mind, and encourage continuous self-improvement.
Bicycle Club The club assembles students who are not afraid of challenging themselves and are passionate about cycling. Cycling gives them an opportunity to train their bodies and minds and release their pressure during cycling tours. When roaming on their bikes at 20km/h, they are able to gain a new understanding of this land that we call home.
Taekwondo Club 1. The club trains athletes for the NCTU Taekwondo varsity team which participates in inter-university competitions to bring honor to the university.

2. It promotes interactions and exchanges between Taekwondo clubs all over Taiwan.

3. Under the premise of a promotion of sport for all, the club promotes an atmosphere which encourages faculty and students to engage in Taekwondo.

Tennis Club The main purpose of this club is to provide students who are not members of a varsity or department team with a space for practicing tennis with the goal of honing the tennis skills of students in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
Kendo Club The club popularizes Kendo and promotes a martial spirit with the goal of creating an atmosphere conducive to the sport and giving students an opportunity to train their bodies and minds, strengthen their physique, and cultivate national Kendo talent to raise the popularity of the sport.
Billiards Club The club provides an ideal environment for billiards to change the bad impression of the sport and convey the charm of Billiards. This sport requires skill rather than power and endurance and allows players to move their joints and muscles. It is an ideal choice for lifelong exercise. The club aims to give students an opportunity to enjoy Billiards in a more convenient and complete fashion. It provides a platform for competitions, interactions, and establishment of interpersonal relationships between like-minded individuals to promote an atmosphere conducive to Billiards.
Softball Club In view of the high popularity of softball at NCTU and the potential to compete in inter-university contests, the club is committed to creating an atmosphere which is conducive to the development of softball on campus and attracting students to engage in softball activities.
Horse RidingClub Promotes equestrian sports.
Skating Club The club invites NCTU students who are interested in inline skating to jointly experience the fun of inline skating.
Kick Boxing Club The club helps students build self-confidence, strengthen their bodies, and learn self-defense skills and promotes kick-boxing as a sport.
Cheerleading Club The club members cheer for the NCTU athletes participating in the Mei-Chu Tournament and convey the passion, energy, and team spirit of the cheerleading squad in performances and practices. Club members learn how to cheer for themselves and others. The club provides an opportunity for aspiring cheerleaders and a stage for students who wish to strengthen their stamina.

Academic clubs

Club name Main purpose and goals
Astronomy Club The club focuses on popular astronomy and astronomical observations and is committed to promoting the beauty of the starry sky among the general public and upholding the spirit of scientific research.
BuddhismWitness Club The club imparts a deeper understanding of the true meaning of life through Buddhist instruction and enlightenment regarding love and compassion to reveal the innate wisdom inherent in all human beings. These concepts are implemented in the campus environment to enable a large number of students to achieve wisdom, purity, peace and tranquility, compassion, and genuine love so they can help others, their families, and society and bring happiness to the masses.
Leadership Club The club aims to cultivate outstanding leaders for the new century and develop professional leadership skills, a religious spirit of humanitarian concern, and a global outlook. Aspiring leaders embrace the global village concept and exhibit concern for the people and the world with the goal of creating a world which is characterized by genuineness, kindness, beauty, and peace.
Board Game Club The club promotes board games and utilizes these games to enhance the logical reasoning, strategic thinking, and communication skills of university students and boost interactions between students.
Bible Study Club The club focuses on the study of the precious truths of the Bible and aims to establish balanced values, spur a sound development of the mind, cultivate human virtues, provide members with a better understanding of the mysteries of life and the universe in a pursuit of the true meaning and essence of life.
Bliss & Wisdom Youth Club A group of students strive to change the world based on their youth, vitality, wisdom, and vision to make this world a better place! The Bliss & Wisdom Youth Club aims to assemble a group of young people to give warmth, light, hope, and happiness to other people through learning and study. This club not only provides club members with professional expertise but also knowledge required for university life and their future careers to turn members into trendy young people who possess youth, vitality, wisdom, and vision.
NetworkBenefitAssociation This student-led club focuses on the development and research of network services assisted and guided by the information service center.
SecurityResearch Society The club provides an investment and asset management learning platform for students to give them an early understanding of the importance of asset management and impart correct concepts in the field of investment and asset management.
RailInstitute This club is composed of train and railway enthusiasts who share the same fascination and promote and uphold the enchanting railway culture.
Computer Game Design Club The club provides a platform for mutual interactions and learning for students who wish to design their own games but lack the required skills or manpower. It teaches students the skills required for the creation of games.
AIESEC The main purpose of this club is to provide a comprehensive learning platform to cultivate leadership skills, an international outlook, and cross-cultural cooperation skills among young people to enable them to develop a positive impact on society.

Musical & Dramatic clubs

Club name Main purpose and goals
Harmonica Club The club spreads harmonica melodies that are pleasing to the ear, leads the students into a sanctuary of classical and popular music, and arouses the students’ interest in music with its tiny harmonicas.
Chinese Music Club Based on its love for traditional Chinese music, the club provides university members with a space for exchanges and positive interactions. It also gives people who have never been exposed to Chinese folk music a chance to experience the graceful rhythms of this music genre.
Star Voice Club Based on its passion for music, the club provides music lovers on campus with a comfortable environment to engage in interactions, practice, creative work, and performances in the field of music in the hope of creating a lively campus atmosphere through musical performances.
Piano Club The club promotes interactions between its members to create opportunities for mutual observation and learning through interactions. The club also aims to create a musical ambience on the NCTU campus through the organization of musical activities.
Drama Club The club provides students who have an interest in drama with a stage for learning and performances to promote a cultural and artistic aura on campus.
Guitar Club Club members sing songs accompanied by classical guitars and the club has been actively promoting folk song groups in recent years. It provides NCTU students with a stage for performances and exposes even more students to folk music creating a rich musical ambience on campus.
Orchestra Club The club creates a unique cultural ambience at NTCU which specializes in science and technology through concert performances on and off campus. The club strives to introduce the city residents to beautiful music and promote a cultural and artistic aura in Hsinchu and a humanistic spirit in the Taiwanese Silicon Valley.
Palmar DramaClub The club provides students who have an interest in traditional Taiwanese puppet theater with a platform for interactions and exchanges. The club utilizes various activities and resources to teach techniques related to puppet performance, narration, filming, and scene design. Club members accumulate experience through on and off campus performances and popularize traditional puppet theater among the NCTU faculty and students and the general public.
Chorus The club embraces a “spirit of gathering friends for musical activities and promoting music through these friends” to fill the campus with choral music. It also embraces the NCTU spirit of innovation and reform with the goal of presenting music connoisseurs with a rich and varied musical feast.
Ukulele Club The club promotes the Ukulele and inspires club members to participate in performances and share their music. It strives to achieve the goal of providing entertainment for club members and others through street performances and social service.
DJ Club The club provides students who are not familiar with the work of a DJ with an opportunity to learn more about this profession. The club activities cover an introduction of the main equipment and its uses, the appreciation of different musical styles, and simple equipment connections.
Digital Music Creation Club The club promotes and introduces digital music and teaches music connoisseurs and lovers how to present their own musical ideas through their creations and arrangements via powerful digital interfaces.