Office of Student Affairs

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is now epidemic in southern Taiwan. Therefore,
we would like to remind all the university staff and students who are going to the epidemic area
(southeast Asia or Kaohsiung) of taking personal health precautions (for example : wear light-colored long-clothes to avoid mosquito bites).
The incubation period is 3-8 days (up to 14 days),
If you have high fever (≧ 38 ℃), headache, retro-orbital pain, muscle pain, joint pain and rash and other symptoms, 
please go see a doctor and inform Health Services Division at 51199(or 03-5731906) for medical assistance ASAP.
When you go see the doctor, you should inform them about your travel history and history of contact with other people.

Division of Health Services