Office of Student Affairs

International Students and Faculty Service

International Students and Faculty Service: (國際教職員生專區)

Campus Life in NCTU:

  • Sport Facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants & Shops
  • University Health Service
  • Campus Map
  • Lost &Found
  • Emergency Support
  • Counseling Center
  • Career Center
  • Student Activities
校園生活(Campus Life)

體育館 (Sport Facilities) Office of Physical Education

Gymnasium:08:00~23:00 Mon~Fri
Fitness center(Gymnasium B1):17:00~21:00 Mon~Thu (Summer and Winter break is Closed)
Fitness center(Swimming Building 2F):09:00~12:00、13:00~22:00 Mon~Sun
Swimming pool (Bo-ai Campus):Closed
Indoor Swimming pool (Kuang-Fu Campus):06:00~22:00 Mon~Sun
Outdoor Swimming pool (Kuang-Fu Campus):07:00~12:00,13:20~20:00 Mon~Fri
Composite Sports Hall:08:00~23:00 Mon-Sun
Badminton Building:06:00~23:00 Mon-Sun
Outdoor Courts:06:00~23:00 Mon-Sun


住宿 (Accommodation) Housing Service Division

Students are encouraged to live in the campus dormitories, as living on campus strengthens the contact between professors and students and offers students a broader range of educational opportunities and encounters than is possible within the classroom alone. At present, there are thirteen men’s dormitories and two women’s dormitories at NCTU, all of which feature up-to-date sports and recreation facilities in addition to room accommodations.

Although the student dorm capacity does not accommodate all NCTU students, rooms are reserved for international students in need. For the first year of all international student who wishes to live in a student dorm for the next year will have to send in an application in order to secure his/her accommodation.


廳與商店(Restaurants & Shops)

Food service at the Kuang-Fu Campus is provided by three cafeterias managed by a student-organized committee under the guidance of various offices within the university administration. Ninety-five percent of NCTU students take their meals in the three on-campus cafeterias. The university places great emphasis on the quality of the food served in the cafeterias. Great care is taken to ensure that cafeteria facilities are properly maintained and that appropriate sanitary measures are followed. 

保健服務(University Health Service) Sanitary and Health Caring Center 

  1. Clinic service: 
Clinic Open Hours
Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
Neurology Department   Neurology Neurology 
Chest Medicine Clinic

Not available during summer and winter vacation, and available twice a month during school semester. 
Please see schedule.

ENT Department
Pediatrics Surgery Clinic
Diet and Nutrition Department 
Surgery Department
  • According to the law,  prescription needs to be deployedby the pharmacists out of school.
  • Time to take medicine: AM 12:30~12:40 and  PM 4:30~4:40
  1. Injuries treatment: Available from 8:00AM to 17:00PM of Mondays to Fridays.
    Every dorm and lab warder office will be equipped with the “First-Aid Kit” during close hours (at the door with a sign depicting that “With First-Aid Kit”.
  2. First aid: In the case of serious injuries, please call 551199 during open hours, and the paramedic will attend the case on site, and escort the injured to hospital, if necessary, or 50702 during close hours for the drill master on duty.
  3. Health examination and referral:

a. Health examination service: To handle the health examination of freshmen, listed lab staff and faculty, and provide the follow-up service to suspect cases. The hotline is 51104.

b. Referral: The referral is commissioned by “Clinic Affiliated with NCTU” to Mackay Memorial Hospital. The Hospital’s hotline is 5734922.


校園地圖(Campus Map) :Information Service Center 

English Version:

失物招領(Lost &Found) :Life Guidance Division

  1. Students and faculty who found lost item(s) in school, please hand over to Life Guidance Division.
  2. Please report your lost item(s) to Life Guidance Division. You will be informed once the item(s) is found.

緊急事故(Emergency Support) 

When you need any Emergency Support durring your campus years,  just call (03)513-1339 or  (03)5712121ext.50702 to contact the School Instructors.

諮商中心(Counseling Center) Counseling Center 

The counseling center provides the following services for students with emotional, interpersonal or career planing problems: 

  1. Individual counseling for students to explore themselves and find the solution for their problems.
  2. Group counseling for students’  needs such as: assertive training group, stress management group, career exploring group, and relationship-enhancing group.
  3. Freshman Services: Includes “Freshman Life” workshop and college life adjusting measurement.
  4. Psychologist Tests: interests, aptitude, and personality tests to assist students obtaining a better understanding of their abilities and interests.
  5. Information about psychological health: Providing books, magazines, videos, tapes concerning mental health.
  6. Material Health Activities: Include lecture, workshop, mental health data show.
  7. Volunteer Training: Provides interpersonal skill training group for students who volunteer to be peer-helpers.
  8. Career Consulting Network: Some people who graduated from NCTU provide their professional experiences to students.
  9. Learning and Career Consulting Teachers of each department help students in learning and career problems.
  10. Department Counseling Service: Provides consulting and guidance service for each department by the department counselor.
  11. Dormitory Counseling Services: Provides individual or group counseling / guidance service in dormitory counseling room one night/per week.

就業輔導(Career Center) Career Advanced Studying Division

Details and News of Career and Advanced Studying Division Service:

  1. Information and Advice about career services and Continuing Education
  2. Graduate Employment & Continuing Educations Survey and Records
  3. Issuance of diplomas and certificates
  4. Alumni Relations
  5. Career Counseling: responsible for job fairs and other related activities
  6. Continuing Education Counseling: to handle: responsible for study-abroad expos

學生活動 (Student Activities)

Participation in extracurricular clubs and activities is an essential part of a well-rounded university education. Extracurricular activities offer students the opportunity to develop various talents, help to enhance their physical and mental health, and train them to become responsible members of society. The university administration recognizes the vital role of extracurricular activities in a flourishing campus environment and renders active assistance and guidance to various student clubs and student-organized activities.

A wide range of student associations, clubs, and extracurricular activities are organized at NCTU each year. The largest of these is the campus-wide NCTU Student Association, which handles planning and promotion of large-scale student activities. The Student Association is organized into six committees, including the Administration, Finance, Academic, Activities, Student Welfare, and Information committees. The president of the association is elected by students in an annual general election.

In addition to the Student Association, a student center operated by the university administration coordinates the affairs of the many student clubs on campus. At present there are a total of eighty-two such clubs, including nineteen devoted to the arts, twenty-two to academic subjects, six to various recreational activities, seven to community service, fifteen to fellowship activities, and ten to sports. Other activities, such as seminars, shows, contests, panel discussions, lectures, musical performances, motion pictures, and the publication of journals are also frequently sponsored by NCTU.