Office of Student Affairs

Key Tasks in Student Affairs

Key Tasks in Student Affairs 
Student Life and Advisory
Creating a campus culture of personal refinement and social awareness
University-Student Communication Channel
  1. Provision an on-line opinion bulletin board
  2. Appointment of personnel to specifically handle on-line opinions posted by students
Accommodation and Recreational Amenities
  1. Constant upgrade and improving hardware and software facilities in dormitories
  2. Increasing sporting facilities
  3. Improving facilities and providing better access for the physically challenged students
  4. Monitor drinking-water water quality
Policies and Regulation Reviews
  1. Faculty policy: to enhance the functionality of the faculty and to provide professional development opportunities for student counselors
  2. Dormitory regulations: to computerize administrative procedures including the singing of contracts, to increase level of boarding satisfaction
  3. Orientation Program: to increase the availability of campus life information and awareness of various policies and regulations
Improving Administrative Efficiency by
  1. Establishing a Joint Service Center that provides fast services
  2. Expanding counseling services throughout the entire campus
  3. Promoting health education, and carrying out medical examinations and follow-ups for students
  4. Creating organizations specifically responsible for offering post-graduates continuing educational advice and services
  5. Promoting computerized and internet services
Promoting Community Involvement by
  1. Facilitating students clubs to participate in community services
  2. Encouraging the clubs to oversee the youth clubs of primary/middle schools and tutorial activities
  3. Integration campus resources to co-ordinate youth squads, educational organizations and public service groups to assist individual cases of school drop-outs
  4. Supporting the clubs to organize large-scale multi-national events and improving the quality of campus culture
  5. Improving students’ life-style and etiquette education
  6. Enhancing the students’ experience of group living and promoting team spirit