Office of Student Affairs

The Divisions of saoffice

The Divisions of saoffice:
  • Life Guidance Division
  • Housing Service Division
  • Extracurricular Activities Division
  • Sanitary & Health Caring Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Career and Advanced Studying Service Division
  • Office of National Defence
  • Office of Physical Education
  • Information Service Center

Life Guidance Division

The Life Guidance Division is intended to help all students in solving difficulties occurring in school. It helps in maintaining and advancing both quality and convenience of student life. This service consists of the following categories:

  • Tuition loans
  • Tuition and fee deduction for students
  • Student awards/discipline
  • Student handbook publication
  • Emergency financing
  • Moral conduct evaluation
  • Student Insurance
  • Motorcycle permits
  • Lost and found, and some other services related to student life.

Housing Service Division

Students lodging is Housing Service Division’s top responsibility. Dormitories have been large-scale rebuilt in hard and software by year from 1998 for the purpose to raise accommodation capacity and promote amenity.

There are fourteen dormitories approximate 5266 beds for male students: include 3236 beds for undergraduate students, 1356 beds for masters and 585 beds for doctorates. Female students have 1756 beds within three dormitories. Total lodging accommodations are 7022 students available. All seventeen dormitories are divided into six areas, each area has a conservator on duty 24 hours a day to serve or solve student’s problems. All of the dormitories are equipped with automatic sensor door to protect and provide a safe as well as peace environment to students lodging in dormitories.

Associations, Clubs, and Extracurricular Activities

Participation in extracurricular clubs and activities is an essential part of a well-rounded university education. Extracurricular activities offer students the opportunity to develop various talents, help to enhance their physical and mental health, and train them to become responsible members of society. The university administration recognizes the vital role of extracurricular activities in a flourishing campus environment and renders active assistance and guidance to various student clubs and student-organized activities.

A wide range of student associations, clubs, and extracurricular activities are organized at NCTU each year. The largest of these is the campus-wide NCTU Student Association, which handles planning and promotion of large-scale student activities. The Student Association is organized into six committees, including the Administration, Finance, Academic, Activities, Student Welfare, and Information committees. The president of the association is elected by students in an annual general election.

In addition to the Student Association, a student center operated by the university administration coordinates the affairs of the many student clubs on campus. At present there are a total of eighty-two such clubs, including nineteen devoted to the arts, twenty-two to academic subjects, six to various recreational activities, seven to community service, fifteen to fellowship activities, and ten to sports. Other activities, such as seminars, shows, contests, panel discussions, lectures, musical performances, motion pictures, and the publication of journals are also frequently sponsored by NCTU.

Each year, a number of academic and athletic activities are organized by groups at NCTU in cooperation with other universities. In addition, a series of academic, arts, oriented and athletic activities are sponsored by NCTU and its neighbor and friendly rival, National Tsing Hua University, in an intercollegiate competition held each spring.

A bulletin of activities is published on campus each week to keep the university community informed of up-and-coming campus events. In addition, a special campus telephone hot-line (2300) and the Campus Data Processing System, on-line at several locations around NCTU, offer complete information regarding campus activities. These channels also serve as an electronic bulletin board for the Dean of Students to use in communicating various notices and bulletins to the NCTU student body.

Sanitary and Health Caring Center

Sanitary and Health Caring Center offers:

  1. Clinic Service
  2. Injuries Treatment
  3. Health Activities
  4. Water Arrangement
  5. Health Management

Counseling Center

The goal of our Counseling Center is to help students, faculties and all employees to know themselves better, to increase the ability to adjust them to the environment, and to empower them. We have a psychiatrist and several school counselors who can help people to clarify their life puzzles and to solve their problems. Therefore, people can deal with their troubles easily whether in academy, extra-curriculum, family, work, relationship, interpersonal relationship, and career planning. So that they can go smoothly in schools or jobs, and had better control in their life processes as well.

Counseling Center offers:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Mental Health Activities
  • Mental Health Information
  • Career Consultation Network
  • Volunteer Training
  • Department Counseling
  • Counseling Services at Dormitory

Career Advanced Studying Division: Introduction

Career Services

    Our job is to provide career services and information on continuing education. To serve more students with our limited human resources, we provide online services by optimizing our distinctive Internet culture on campus. Meanwhile, we work with social organizations, including National Youth Commission, Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, and many other human resource companies, to assist our students with career counseling and planning and related continuing education information.

Details and News of Our Service:

  • Information and Advice about career services and Continuing Education
  • Graduate Employment & Continuing Educations Survey and Records
  • Issuance of diplomas and certificates
  • Alumni Relations
  • Career Counseling: responsible for job fairs and other related activities
  • Continuing Education Counseling: to handle: responsible for study-abroad expos

Office of National Defence offers:

I. Student’s Military Service

II. Preparatory Officer Examination Service

III. Select Military Education Courses Online Service

IV. Military Education courses Service

Office of Physical Education

The goal of Office of Physical Education is to train students body, bring up the habit of exercising regularly.
Holding various sport games and competitions to let student learn cooperation and team work.

Information Service Center

Service items:
Campus Touring and offer information about activities
Offer free newspapers, magazines, tea and on-line computers
Service for paper copy, fax, changing for coins
Offer application for academic performance
Sale books that are published by NCTU, tickets for highway toll
Umbrellas, tools, wheelchairs, a first-aid kids, and air pumps for rent