Office of Student Affairs

Laws and Tables

Laws and Tables of saoffice:

    • Student Disciplinary Policy
    • Enforcement Rules for NCTU Students’ Leave-Request
    • Student Disciplinary Policy
    • Enforcement Rules for NCTU Students’ Leave-Request
    • Enforcement Rules for NCTU Student Conduct Grades
    • Enforcement Rules of NCTU Academic Achievement Award
    • Enforcement Rules of Lost and Found
    • Enforcement Rules of Students’ Emergency Financing Fund
    • NCTU Implementation directions for scholarships and grants for graduate students
    • NCTU Implementation guidelines for scholarships and grants for graduate students
    • Regulations for Application Procedure and Control of Refrigerators in Student Dormitory Rooms
    • Rules for Student Dorm Locker Application in Summer
    • Rules for Student Dorm Reading Room Application
    • NCTU Leasing of Dormitory for Students Agreement
    • Regulations Governing the Establishment of NCTU Dormitory Manage
    • NCTU Convention on the Healthy & Regular Rooms of Freshman in the Dormitory
    • NCTU Convention on the Self-discipline of Freshman in the Dormitory
    • NCTU Students Off-Campus Housing Policy
    • NCTU Enforcement Rules for Graduate Students Serving As Teaching Assistants of the Student Dormitories
    • Semester, Table of Dormitory Room Exchange
    • Application for Male Entry into the Female Dormitories
    • NCTU Application for Non-Residence in Dormitory during Summer Vacation
    • Student Dormitory Payment Notice
      NCTU Application for Housing Authorization Letter
    • NCTU Notice for Applying to the Hostel during Winter/Summer Vacation by Student Camps or Clubs
    • NCTU Hostel Application for Student Clubs and Payment Bill
      Register of Persons for Accommodation at the NCTU Student Camp/Club
    • NCTU Student Dorm Agreement
    • NCTU Checkout Rooms Condition Report Form
    • Model Tenancy Agreement
    • Dormitory Application for Special Case
    • Dormitory Priority Application
    • NCTU student Dormitory payment
  1. Physical Education Download
    I.Teaching Division
    Online course add and drop application form
    Behind Time Course Add and Drop Application Form
    Time-conflict & Taking Course Application Form
    Student course withdrawal application form
    II.Activity Division
    III.Field Division
    Rental Planning for NCTU Sporting Venue
    Borrowing Plan of NCTU Sports Ground
    IV.Application form of using permit
    NCTU Guest Users (from outside)
    application form for NCTU guest users(from outside)
    NCTU Unorganized Faculty Members and Staff
    application form for NCTU unorganized faculty members and staff(including their direct relatives)
  2. NCTU Counseling Center Management Rules
  3. Rules for NCTU Sanitary and Health Caring Center Service
  4. Rules of Extracurricular Activities Regulation Download